Construction & building management

Microbe defence for Construction & building management

microbe defence protected surfaces

HVAC - Air Quality

Air Quality Take a deep breath and stop the growth of harmful microbes within the lungs and airways of your building. Aegis® provides a 24/7 protection once applied to surfaces such as ducts, air mixing units, heating and cooling generators. Refer to SBS (Sick Building Syndrom)

Wood and Building materials

Save money and time by using our removal and prevention coatings against algae, mould and fungus on all wood materials that have been affected by elements or water damage. Can be easily applied to existing surfaces and will reduce the need to replace affected materials. Our services are backed by a 10-year warranty.

Drywall and Porous building materials

Stop fixing and Start preventing! We offer two coatings engineered for both interior and exterior to prevent the growth of mould, mildew, and fungus. Additionally, these surface protectants will reduce staining caused by the environment.

Decking and Fencing

Protect your investment! Aegis® prevents staining and deterioration of wood caused by algae, mould and fungi. By reducing microbial surface growth, this semi-permeant and non-toxic coating ensures wood and materials last longer and stay cleaner; saving time and money on replacing or repairing assets.


Don't let the thread spread germs! Carpets and rugs are widely known to harbor and incubate germs and harmful microbes such as mould. Aegis®'s proven technology permanently attaches to textiles and provides ongoing defence and protection once applied. This once a lifetime application will keep carpet fresh without the use of harmful chemicals.

Decor and Upholstery

Prevent staining and deterioration caused by bacteria, mould and fungi. Reduce usage of harsh sanitizers and disinfectants that can cause skin irritation and damaging effects of equipment. Aegis® is a once a year application that coats surfaces and provides a 24/7 protection.

Attics and Crawlspaces

Stop costs associated with mold and mildew in unseen areas. Our 24/7 protection coating is certified and long lasting to guarantee mold and mildew cannot take hold on surfaces.

Cement, Concrete, Mortar

Avoid unsightly stains and deterioration on concrete patios, sidewalks, walls and walkways exposed to the elements. Aegis® is durable, invisible, and environmentally friendly. This coating will discourage the growth of mould, mildew, algae and other staining as well as prevent slippery surfaces from occurring. Additionally, Aegis® is researched to inhibit microbial influenced corrosion.


Remove and prevent unsightly staining and damage caused by algae, mould, and mildew. Microbe Defence offers two environmentally friendly coatings that inhibit staining and deterioration for both interior and exterior settings on claddings including vinyl, aluminum, cement, composite materials, wood, and steel.

Gutters and Eavestroughing

Eliminate headaches and costs associated with gutter cleaning and blockages caused by algae, mould and fungi accumulation. Our environmentally friendly coatings – are invisible, nontoxic and safe to be used with roofs and gutter systems that collect rain water; providing a 24/7 asset protection against unwanted microbes.


Eliminate the costs associated with staining, rotting, and deterioration caused by algae, mould and fungi commonly found roofing. Our environmentally friendly coatings – are invisible, non-toxic and safe to be used with roofs that collect rain water; and will provide a 24/7 asset protection.