Custom Needs

Microbe defence for Custom Needs

microbe defence protected surfaces

Shopping Centers and Malls

Stop the spread and reduce the cost of germs and unwanted microbial growth including biofilm, mould, fungus and algae. Aegis®'s surface protection will reduce the presence of these unwanted microbes, while reducing the costs associated with removing them.

Public Transportation

Germs, such as bacteria and mould, catch free rides on our bodies, our clothes, and our belongings. When we hop on a bus, catch a train, grab a cab, or take a flight, we bring all of these travelers with us. Aegis®has been proven to reduce the counts of dangerous microorganisms on public transit, and to provide enduring protection over time.


Easily incorporate into existing cleaning and maintenance operations providing a long lasting defense to control the growth and survival of microbes on almost any surface. The modified surface will retain antimicrobial activity for an extended period of time, even with repeated cleanings.

Airports and Airplanes

Bacteria and viruses are two types of micro-organisms that deteriorate your assets and spread infection and disease within transportation corridors. Treated surfaces kill germs on contact reducing the risk of germ transmission and keeping germ population low between cleanings. Keep your clients and passengers feeling comfortable.

Grocery Stores

Protection and reduction of exposure to dangerous microbes on frequently touched surfaces in buildings environments. Protection is long lasting and does not require frequent reapplication. Lessen the risk of microbial contamination throughout a building.


Take control of microbial exposure in office and work spaces by removing the existing layer of germs and bacteria and applying our protective coating. Protect high touch surfaces that we touch every day from virus and bacterial contamination. Prevent sick days and sick buildings.