Offices & work places

Microbe defence for Offices & work places

microbe defence protected surfaces

High-Touch Surfaces

Take control, and reduce microbial cross-contamination by utilizing Aegis®'s surface protection technology. This permanent nanoscopic shield will prevent the growth of germs by rupturing harmful microbes on contact and remain full strength 24/7. Suggested applications include door knobs, shared technology, elevators, handrails, and other high-touch surfaces.

Office Furniture and Upholstery

Prevent staining and deterioration caused by bacteria, mould and fungi. Reduce usage of harsh sanitizers and disinfectants that can cause skin irritation and damaging effects of equipment. Aegis® is a once a year application that coats surfaces and provides a 24/7 protection. 


Don't let the thread spread germs! Carpets and rugs are widely known to harbor and incubate germs and harmful microbes, Aegis® proven technology permanently attaches to textiles and provides ongoing defence and protection once applied. This once a lifetime application will keep carpet fresh without the use of harmful chemicals. 

Workstations and cubicles

Take comfort knowing you are protected with Aegis®'s germ-blasting technology. Once applied to surfaces within the workstation, harmful bacteria will be continuously destroyed on contact and will prevent further spread

HVAC - Air Quality

Take a deep breath and stop the growth of harmful microbes within the lungs and airways of your building. Aegis® provides a 24/7 protection once applied to surfaces such as ducts, air mixing units, heating and cooling generators. Refer to SBS (Sick Building Syndrom)