Offices & work places

Microbe defence for Offices & work places

microbe defence protected surfaces

High-Touch Surfaces

Take control, and prevent microbes and germs on high-touch surfaces by utilizing Aegis®'s surface protection technology. This permanent nanoscopic shield will protect surfacs against the growth of germs by rupturing harmful microbes on contact and remain full strength 24/7. Suggested applications include door knobs, shared technology, elevators, handrails, and other high-touch surfaces.

Office Furniture and Upholstery

Prevent staining and deterioration caused by bacteria, mould and fungi. Aegis® is a once a year application that coats surfaces and provides a 24/7 protection. 


Don't let the thread spread germs! Carpets and rugs are widely known to harbor and incubate germs and harmful microbes, Aegis® proven technology permanently attaches to textiles and provides ongoing defence and protection once applied. This once a lifetime application will keep carpet fresh without the use of harmful chemicals. 

Workstations and cubicles

Take comfort knowing you are protected with Aegis®'s germ-blasting technology. Once applied to surfaces within the workstation, microbes will be continuously destroyed on contatact.

HVAC - Air Quality

Take a deep breath and stop the growth of harmful microbes within the lungs and airways of your building. Aegis® provides a 24/7 protection once applied to surfaces such as ducts, air mixing units, heating and cooling generators. Refer to SBS (Sick Building Syndrom)